Sunday, May 20, 2007

Why this blog?

Well, why do I set up a java blog? I'm not that super java guru who will write great articles that are going to help thousands of java developers. I'm a normal java web developer with only three years of experience. So why do I make a technical blog? Well, think of it as my personal notebook, where I write the technical stuff that I want to remember, and the tips and tricks I've learned, so that when I need them I would get back to them instead of searching the net for what I already know, but forgot.

So again, why a blog? I can do that on a document, or a real notebook. Well, The other reason is giving something back to the community. I've learned a lot through articles and blog entries by developers much more experienced than I am, so why don't I give something back? That's it.

One last thing to note is that I'm planning that most of my posts will not go into a lot details that are out of the scope of the article. To give an example, if I'm writing an article about a solution to a specific problem in struts with spring, I will not go into details of how to integrate struts with spring.

I hope that those entries are going to be useful to web developers, like other blogs were useful to me.


Mohamed Nabil said...

Ya Alla i added this blog to my FAv , ya3ni post wenta metamen :D

Hussein said...

It is a great thing.
Really Ala, it is a very interested blog to me

Most of my search, about how to solve problem faced me.

Thanks Ala
and i am with you