Sunday, January 13, 2008

Welcome Mr. Bush

Bush is visiting Dubai today; HOORAY!! Well, lot's of presidents and VIPs visit Dubai, like they visit any other city in any other country, but this time it's different. This time, Dubai is officially closed for the day! YUP, you read it right. They ARE closing the city.

Well, the story is, for security reasons, they are closing the main express ways that lead into and out off Dubai, including Sheikh Zayed Road (E11), which is the backbone of the city, and since you have to pass by E11 to go to nearly all of the industrial and business areas (Jebel Ali Freezone, Dubai Media City, Dubai Internet City, etc.), the government announced that today is going to be a day off.

Even though I never mind a day off, but I hate when it's for the wrong reasons. I do not accept that a whole city is shut down for the visit of someone, no mater who that person is. I do not accept being a prisoner in my own house because all the roads around my house are blocked because of GWB's visit.

And how much money is going to be lost in that day? All businesses are going to be closed. How many millions of man hours are going to be lost? And how many business deals are going to be delayed this day? How many people in need for hospitals and medical care are going to have to take alternate routes through traffic jams that no one thought possible, because the main express ways are closed, and no one will know how to reach their destinations? How many people are going to get delayed for their flights?

I really hate what's happening, but anyway, I'll try to enjoy my day in the morning by relaxing at home.

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