Sunday, February 3, 2008

Finally, I won something!!!

Did you know that java ranch is one of the best java communities with one of the best forums around? I'm not saying this because I won a book from them, but because it's one of the largest java communities on the web, where you would find nearly the answer of any java question you want an answer for.

OK, did you know that they have a book promotion that runs nearly every week, where the author of the book goes online to answer users' questions (and of course promote his book)? This promotion runs from Tuesday to Friday, and people who post eligible posts (real questions, answers to questions, discussing the book, etc.) are eligible for winning a copy of that book. Every promotion, there are four winners, and this weeks promotion was on Struts 2 Design and Programming: A Tutorial.

Guess who's one of the winners? IT'S ME!!! Finally I won something, and I'm really glad, to the extent that I'm blogging about it, at the time where the project I'm working in is on crisis, and with more than 8 (yes eight) draft blog posts that I want to still write. Any how, I'm happy, and I thought of letting you know :D.

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Mohamed Nabil said...

Mabroooooook , hopefully one day you will a Nobel for peace as the man who recued the number of suicide between developers